Decision-Making Process

By establishing a specific decision-making process before problems occur, future discussions and votes will not become a barrier to the TCHM’s effectiveness.


Consensus is a group discussion where everyone’s opinions are heard and understood, and a solution is created that respects those opinions. Consensus is not what everyone agrees to, nor is it the preference of the majority. Consensus results in the best solution that the group can achieve at the time. The TCHM must agree that “consensus” is defined as an approach that the majority of the steering committee member organizations support and others can live with.

* In order to achieve consensus on a steering committee vote, all members must submit a vote in attendance (either by phone or in person) or my completing a proxy in advance.

Decision-Making Body

The steering committee is the decision-making body of the TCHM. Steering committee members may abstain from a vote and must disclose any conflict of interest information prior to a vote.

Voting Members

At times, the general membership may be asked to respond to surveys, questions or submit a vote on the TCHM’s work.

  • Voting members are the TCHM’s members in good standing.
  • Each member organization may submit only one vote per organization.