Who Can Be a Member of the TCHM?

  • Each prospective member must agree to the TCHM’s mission, principles and rules of engagement.
  • The TCHM’s members will include organizations whose policy and advocacy efforts are directed toward the state level, regardless of whether their footprint is statewide or regional.
  • Any interested organizations will be reviewed and approved for membership by the TCHM’s steering committee.
  • The number of members representing each organization may be determined on a case-by-case basisand is typically limited to two or three people.
    • The above does not include interns who may attend and observe at meetings, they should not be the primary representative of the member organization.
    • To include interns on the TCHM’s email distribution lists, the organization’s member must contact the TCHM’s legislative coordinator.
    • Member organizations must also contact the legislative coordinator in advance of any meetings and/or activities if an intern will be in attendance with the member or as a substitute.

Termination of Members

On the recommendation of a member of the steering committee, and by consensus of all the steering committee members present at any regularly conducted meeting, the TCHM may suspend or expel a member for just cause.

Removal and Substitution of Members

If at any time a member can no longer participate in the TCHM, the member organization may delegate another qualified member of their organization to the coalition. Any member that may not be able to fulfill their duties to the TCHM for an extended period of time (example: maternity leave), that member may delegate a colleague as a substitute to represent that member’s organization by contacting the legislative coordinator.