Our Principles

  • Access to quality, affordable, integrated health care for every Texan that includes preventive services and treatment for mental disorders and substance use disorders.
  • Prevention, early intervention, person-centered treatment, and recovery as cornerstones of the health care system.
  • Prevention, treatment, and diversion instead of school disciplinary and criminal justice involvement.
  • Affordable, integrated housing options in the least restrictive setting with access to supports that meet the consumer’s needs.
  • A healthcare workforce that is adequate, sustainable, accessible, culturally competent, and can operate effectively in an integrated care environment.
  • Accountability and transparency throughout any system that serves individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorder needs.
  • Eliminate stigma by promoting understanding of the etiology, prevention, and treatment of mental illness and substance use disorder and the collateral consequences as well as the costs of downstream treatment.
  • Appropriate use of best and promising practices and data collection and analysis for continuous improvement.