88th Legislature

Our Advocacy

The Texas Coalition for Healthy Minds focuses on mobilizing interested stakeholders to work with state leaders to improve policies and increase funding for mental health services and access to care in Texas.

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Our Briefs & Recommendations

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Behavioral Health Workforce

Increase Funding and Expand Loan
Repayment Program for Mental Health Professionals

Youth Mental Health

Establish School
Mental Heath
Allotment and Secure Additional Community-Based Support

Institutional Rights & Civil Liberties

Ensure Medication Continuity for Justice-Involved Individuals

State Budget

Invest in
and Expanded

Substance Use Disorders

Adopt Voluntary
Accreditation of
Recovery Housing And
Update Patient
Brokering and
Anti-Kickback Laws

Priority Bills

Testimony & Resources

2/6/2023 – Senate Finance Committee – Increasing the Loan Repayment Program for Mental Health Professionals

2/6/2023 – Senate Finance Committee – Supporting a School Mental Health Allotment

2/21/2023 – Senate Finance Committee – Funding for Children’s Community Mental Health

2/27/2023 – House Appropriations Committee – Medication Continuity

3/20/23 – House Higher Education – HB 15 Mental Health and Brain Institute of Texas

4/5/23 – Letter to Representatives Thompson and King on HB 13 – School Safety Allotment

5/1/23 – Letter of Recommendations to Opioid Abatement Trust Fund Council (OAFC)

5/11/23 – Statement on School Mental Health Allotment