About Us

About Us

TCHM member organizations are actively involved in many areas of behavioral health; we are focused on eliminating the stigma surrounding the various diagnoses of mental illness and substance use disorders, working to achieve parity for treatment and insurance, and creating equal access to the continuum of care. We believe Texas should have a fair and compassionate criminal justice system, and develop housing options for people with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

As a coalition, we remain current and active in monitoring and advancing policies that strengthen the behavioral health system. As practitioners, consumers, advocates, and experts in the field we work to advance science based and reseacrh informed policy. With more than 30 organizations involved in our work, we develop a consensus agenda through four policy workgroups, and an active legislative committee.

The coalition is funded through a generous grant from the Methodist Healthcare Ministries. 

Operating Principles

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Our History

TCHM originated in 2011 as an informal meeting of colleagues with a primary or otherwise important focus on mental health and/or substance use disorder, coming together every Friday during the legislative session to discuss common issues. The coalition as we know it today was effectively founded in 2015 to continue fostering collaboration and creating meaningful change statewide since one organization cannot fully address all of Texas’ behavioral health concerns. Through the coordination of resources, education, legislative, and regulatory action, TCHM has become a platform for our members to align efforts and work. We partner with elected and appointed state leaders to help create sustained improvement and increase funding for mental health and substance abuse services as well as access to care—issues that affect all Texans.